Rob Barklamb - International Franchise Director

We like questions

Building your own business is extremely rewarding. However, we know that you have questions and that's why we've asked Rob Barklamb - our International Franchise Director - to answer the most common ones.


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How does the partnership work?

What are my targets?

Can I work from home?

Other questions you may have...

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How could it make me money?

We've got a full suite of quality marketing collaterals, client and candidate-facing material that's going to help you engage and attract both.

There is field support from experienced recruitment professionals who can give you strategic and tactical advice to maximize your revenues.

Also, there are opportunities for a split fee business, both with Reed in the UK and other partners across the globe.

We provide you with a website with real muscle which will attract candidates and clients and help you gain a competitive advantage.

And finally, we've got a strong and diverse function that will help give your staff and you the right skills and knowledge to become the best recruiters that they can be.

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How can it save me money?

We estimate conservatively that we invest £30,000 directly and indirectly in our franchise partners.

The biggest investment that we make and the biggest savings you can make therefore is the website we give you a full website with job board integration. We also provide you with unlimited licenses for X3, our proprietary CRM system, and with that in effect, you only pay when you bill.

We get great supplier discounts and we can share those discounts with you so we can save you considerable sums of money on LinkedIn, for example.

And finally, we can save you money with learning and development. You don't have to hire a trainer or have to pay for an external trainer.

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How can it save me time?

We've got the marketing hub, where you'll be able to find collaterals such as blogs, thought leadership, salary surveys and more, to save your time in writing and creating content.

Also, we have an Intranet which is full of process documents, operations manuals, etc. So you won't need to write them.

X3, our proprietary CRM system, which is a fast-modern system, will save you the time to find and put all your data together. 

And lastly, our learning and development function will save you time in developing and delivering the training you need.  

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What makes a good partner?

We strongly recommend you've got a minimum of six months of cash reserves in the bank to support you and your lifestyle in the business as you start up.

On the soft side, it's important that we share similar values, and here at Reed, our values are that we are open and honest, that we take ownership and that we work together because we're very, very passionate about having partners who want to work in a collaborative way.

So, if that is you, let's talk.


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Do Reed want any equity?

We definitively do not want equity in your business.

You own the business, you make the big decisions, and you enjoy the benefits of being your own boss.

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Who owns the data?

Data is an asset, and with us, you own that data and therefore you own that asset. 

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How does the partnership work?

Fundamentally, you own your business. We advise, but you make the key decisions.

As a Reed partner, you are self-employed, you are not an employee.

The length of the contract is ten years, at the end of which we would very much hope that you would renew.

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What are my targets?

There are no targets or KPIs other than those which you set yourself, and we're here to help you achieve them.

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Can I work from home?

If you want to work from home, absolutely yes, you can work from home.

It's your business, you decide it.

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