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Building your own staffing business is exciting, but are you ready to reach your full potential? Accelerate your growth with Reed Franchise Partnerships and join our elite recruitment community.  

Reed Franchise Partnerships offers you an exciting opportunity to start your own business by joining an established, international community of recruitment experts 

Founded by Sir Alec Reed in 1960, in London, UK, Reed is the largest family-run recruitment company in the world, spanning across the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East and East Asia. 

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Become part of an established, international community of recruitment experts

Franchise model comparison 

Other franchise providers


  • Basic marketing assets 

  • Website and job board not included 

  • No access to a global brand 

  • Work by yourself without lead generation support 

  • General strategy for every franchisee

  • Need to pay full price for external licenses 

Recruiters working on their own


  • No marketing support 

  • Need to pay for website and job board 

  • No access to a global brand  

  • Work by yourself without lead generation support 

  • No access business strategy or support

  • Need to pay full price for external licenses 


* Price for experienced recruiters; ** Average price for other recruitment franchises; *** Average expected investment to run your business by yourself.

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Reed Franchise Partnerships tailored support options 

Experienced recruiter looking to open your own business?

We understand that even experienced recruiters may require assistance when starting their own business, and we are committed to supporting you throughout the entire process. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you, providing a personalized and tailor-made support package designed to help you successfully launch and grow your business.

By investing $3,000, you gain access to our comprehensive range of services and expertise. We will collaborate with you to develop a bespoke support package that addresses your specific needs and goals. 


Anna Huggins - Reed


Recruitment agency looking for more visibility?

Accelerate your business growth and achieve unparalleled success by harnessing the power of an established international brand. With our proven track record, you can confidently simplify your day-to-day operations and redirect your focus towards providing exceptional service to both your valued customers and job seekers.

Join our franchise to access resources and support that will propel your business to new heights. Unlock your business potential with an affordable franchise fee of $3,000. We believe in your success and are investing over $36,000 in your venture's growth.

Ryan Pearson - Reed


Entrepreneur looking to open a staffing business?

Count on the most specialized recruitment business to guide you on your new journey. We have all the tools you will need to understand recruitment, advertise, and develop a strong business. 

For entrepreneurs, our franchise fee of $15,000 not only grants access to our invaluable expertise in the industry but also includes comprehensive trainings that empowers you to succeed. Additionally, we invest over $36,000 back into your business growth, ensuring your journey is supported every step of the way.


Claire Harvey - Reed


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The Reed Franchise Partnerships eBrochure

If you’re an experienced recruiter looking to open your own business, a recruitment agency looking to flourish with the backing of a global brand, or an entrepreneur looking to open a staffing business, we have the tools to help you. Download our eBrochure to learn more about how we can support you. 

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