Master the art of negotiation

As a recruiter embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, you understand the importance of effective negotiation skills in securing clients and promoting your candidates. But did you realise the power of using non-verbal communication in your everyday work? See how you can increase your success with these tried and trusted tips.   

People are at the heart of recruitment and, as such, our business is to forge great relationships to achieve a mutually satisfying outcome. Through experience, we learn how to build confidence and trust – but there’s always more to discover in how we finesse our conversations, even if we think we’ve honed our practical skills to perfection.

So, we’ve found the perfect resource for overall career development that we hope you’ll find useful: ‘Never Split the Difference’, a captivating book about how to negotiate, written by Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator. And if you haven’t time to read it, just take a look at our key takeaways that are sure to revolutionise the way you interact with clients:

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Embrace the power of active listening

Become a master of active listening – an art that involves wholeheartedly focusing on your clients' words, without interrupting or passing judgement. After your client has spoken, you can show you have truly understood them by mirroring (repeating the last few words they said back to them) and labelling (interpreting their experiences by saying “it seems like…” / “it sounds like…”). By understanding their needs and concerns, you can identify common ground and foster stronger relationships.

Harness empathy to build trust

Empathy is the cornerstone of client relationships. Take the time to genuinely comprehend someone else’s perspective and demonstrate that you genuinely care about their goals and aspirations. Building trust will pave the way for fruitful collaborations.

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Utilise anchoring techniques strategically

Leverage the power of anchoring – a skilful negotiation technique. Start your discussions with an assertive position, such as proposing a higher fee percentage. This sets the tone for the rest of the negotiation, increasing the likelihood of a favourable outcome. However, be mindful not to anchor excessively high, as it may deter your clients.

Unleash the potential of calibrated questions

Master the art of calibrated questions – thoughtful and open-ended enquiries that encourage clients to divulge more information. Engage them with queries like: "What is your top priority?" and "What are you hoping to achieve with this project?" Unveiling their needs and preferences will empower you to tailor your approach effectively.

Notice the impact of silence

Silence is a potent tool in negotiations. Embrace its power by pausing after your clients speak, allowing the weight of their words to resonate. Taking a moment to contemplate before responding showcases your thoughtful and composed approach.

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In conclusion

'Never Split the Difference' serves as a game-changing resource for recruiters eager to enhance their negotiation skills when dealing with clients. By prioritising emotions, active listening, and employing strategic techniques like anchoring and calibrated questions, you can forge robust and enduring relationships. Learning to confidently say "no" and utilising the strength of silence will establish your position and garner the respect you deserve. These indispensable skills are paramount for recruiters seeking triumph in a fiercely competitive market.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tactics outlined in the book and position yourself as a formidable force in the world of recruitment entrepreneurship. Success awaits those who embrace the art of negotiation!

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