How great website content can boost traffic and raise awareness

In the highly competitive field of recruitment, building a strong client base is paramount to success. To do this, you need to establish yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable recruitment company and having great website content is the key. Here we investigate how exceptional content can significantly boost traffic to your website and raise awareness of your business.   

High-quality website content is essential for boosting traffic. When potential customers search for products or services related to a business, search engines like Google rely on various factors to determine the relevance and ranking of websites. One of the key factors search engines consider is the content on a website. By having well-written, informative, and engaging content, businesses can improve their search engine optimisation (SEO) and increase their chances of appearing higher in search results. This, in turn, leads to more organic traffic and potential candidates and clients visiting their site.

Additionally, great website content plays a crucial role in raising awareness about a business and helping your target audience find answers and solutions to their questions or problems. By providing valuable and relevant content, you can position yourself as industry experts and gain credibility, which helps to build trust with visitors and encourages them to explore the website further, increasing the likelihood of converting them into customers.

Use the following content marketing tips and strategies to help you attract more traffic to your website and establish credibility:


Get to know your target audience

Before you start writing pages and pages of website copy, you need to first understand who your target audience is. Consider the industries you recruit in, jobseekers and business' needs, and the services you offer, then tailor your content to their interests and pain points.

Create engaging headlines 

A captivating headline is the first step to grabbing the attention of your website visitors. It should be concise, intriguing, and offer a clear benefit or solution. Use words, such as ‘discover’, ‘transform’, or ‘unleash’, to evoke curiosity and entice readers to click and explore further. 

Provide value through your content

To establish credibility and position yourself as an expert, create informative and valuable content. Write articles and guides that address common questions and challenges faced by jobseekers and employers. 


Optimise your content for search engines 

Writing high-quality content alone is not enough. To maximise its reach, you need to optimise it for search engines. Identify relevant keywords related to recruitment and the topic you are writing about and incorporate them naturally throughout your copy. Conduct keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to identify popular search terms and phrases. Remember to include these keywords in headings, subheadings, meta descriptions, and image alt tags.

Use a variety of content types

Adding visual elements such as images, infographics, or videos can significantly enhance the appeal and readability of your website content, making it more likely to be shared on social media platforms, increasing your company’s exposure and attracting more traffic. They can also enhance the user experience, making the website more appealing and encouraging visitors to spend more time on the site. A positive user experience not only keeps visitors engaged but also increases the likelihood of them returning in the future.

Also consider varying your content style and use other formats such as listicles (e.g. 7 ways to streamline your recruitment process), Q&A style articles, instructional articles such as ‘How to increase your talent pool’, eBooks, whitepapers, and guides.

Use testimonials and case studies 

Case studies are key for building trust and showcasing your success through real-life testimonials and case studies. Feature positive feedback from satisfied clients and jobseekers on your website. 


Add a relevant and concise call to action (CTA)

Every piece of content on your website should have a clear and compelling CTA such as ‘Download now’ or ‘Get in touch today’. Think about what you want the reader to do once they have consumed your piece of content and use an appropriate CTA to encourage them to take the next step. Whether it's prompting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, download a free resource, or contact you, a well-placed CTA can drive user engagement and conversions.

Keep your content up to date

Keeping your website content fresh and up to date is crucial for retaining visitors and attracting new ones. Regularly update your blog with new articles, industry news, or insights to demonstrate that your business is active, timely, and knowledgeable. It is also essential to review and refresh existing content periodically to ensure accuracy and relevance - outdated information can harm your credibility.

Regularly analyse and optimise your website 

Don't forget to analyse the performance of your website content regularly. Tools like Google Analytics can track key metrics such as page views, bounce rates, and conversions. Analysing this data will help you understand what type of content resonates most with your audience, allowing you to optimise your content strategy for better results over time.


How Reed can support you with your website 

Many solo recruiters, in fact many solo entrepreneurs, often perceive the launch of their website as the completion of a project. This is a misconception often pushed by sales teams keen to bring new customers onboard. The launch of a new website - as exciting as it is - is only the beginning of a long-term project.

From ongoing development to stay ahead of your competitors or industry changes (such as Google launching their new analytics update in July 2023), to creating engaging SEO-optimised content, website maintenance a is a constant, long-term activity.

Reed’s decades of experience in establishing and maintaining an effective digital ecosystem, our cooperation with world-class partners, and our top tier content marketing team allow us to alleviate the day-to-day tasks required to maintain an effective and discoverable website. We will invest time and resources in creating and maintaining high-quality website content that engages visitors, provides value, and aligns with our overall marketing strategies.

With a strong online presence and compelling content, you can focus on what you do best – recruitment.

Want to be your own boss? If you’re a recruitment professional looking to take the next step in your career, find out how Reed Franchise Partnerships can help you set up your own recruitment business.


Looking for your next step in recruitment?

If you’re a recruitment professional looking for your next step, find out how Reed Franchise Partnerships can help you set up your own business.