What's new at Reed Franchise Partnerships

At Reed, the phrase "What's next?" has been motivating us in the past year. Here’s a quick look at some of the things we have changed, added or improved to help our partners make more money, save money and save time.

Tech Support

Power BI 

All our partners' recruitment activity on their X3 CRMs now appears on Microsoft's Power BI tool. This allows them to view their data, analyze performance, and spot trends on a simple and effective dashboard. 

Moved to Windows Cloud PCs  

We made it easier for our partners to work flexibly. We did this by giving them access to Reed's digital estate provided through a Cloud PC. 

Improved the power of the Cloud PCs and moved to local servers  

What’s more, we have invested in more powerful desktop licenses to improve our service. Similarly, we now house the Cloud PCs on servers in our partner’s local country to improve speed and responsiveness. 


Bing Chat Enterprise

Reed has a good partnership with Microsoft, and we are among the first to use Bing's AI chat tool. It can access live web info and has stronger data protection, making it better than other choices, in our view.  

AI-Powered Interview question generator 

With help from Microsoft and our website providers, we have built an AI-powered interview question generator tool. With a strong marketing campaign, this tool is a valuable addition to our services. Easily accessible for our partners to provide to clients and potential customers. Check it out: Interview Question Generator for Recruiters & HR | Reed 

Bookings with me 

Bookings with Me is Microsoft’s appointment booking tool. You can easily schedule meetings by sending an invitation or a link in an email signature. It also works well with our other MS-powered digital tools.

Interview question generator email header 2

Marketing and operational support 

Data mapping 

We now pay for two weeks of client market mapping before new partners join us. They begin with a strong client base consisting of full details of approximately 350 decision-makers. This enables them to enhance their business development and marketing efforts.  

Auto data loading onto the CRM 

We have invested in upgrades to our CRM system so that our partners can automatically upload client and contact data from Excel (provided it has been obtained lawfully)

Dedicated marketing resource 

We hired Isabelle Millberg in January as a Marketing Executive. Isabelle works solely for Reed Franchise Partnerships, providing our franchisees with dedicated and specialized marketing resource.



We now create a bespoke digital eBochure for new partners which they can use to promote their new business when they launch. This is a helpful tool in building credibility for your business on an ongoing basis.  

Launch communications plan  

The eBrochure is a part of a 13-week communication plan we make with our partners when they start. It helps them build their profiles by sharing professionally selected recruitment content with potential clients. 

 Exposure of franchisees on online directories 

In 2023, we improved our partners' visibility on map directories like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Bing. This partnership allows us to conveniently manage all our map listings in one place. Additionally, it helps improve their performance on search engines. 

LinkedIn Talent Insights 

Besides the great discounts our partners can get on LinkedIn, they now can use LinkedIn's Talent Insights product for free. It is a useful tool for researching companies and markets, giving our partners an edge. 


Learning & development 

Management and leadership pathways 

Our L&D team is making training programs to develop partners' management and leadership skills using eLearn and online workshops. (Coming soon).

More workshops 

On average, we now run eight online workshops every week which our partners and their teams can join. Timings are such that there will usually be courses available to access during office hours, anywhere in the USA.  


How Reed can help you to grow your business in 2024

You can take advantage of all the enhancements we have made and those that are yet to come.

Reed Franchise Partnerships offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their own staffing business.

By joining Reed, you will benefit from the support of an established, international community of recruitment experts. Founded in 1960, Reed is the largest family-run recruitment company in the world, operating in 13 countries and placing a candidate every 5 minutes.

As a partner, you will have access to industry-leading technology, marketing support, operational assistance, and learning & development resources to boost your business growth.

Book a meeting with our experts and discover how you can be part of our growing community of recruiters.

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