How to determine the financial requirements of running your own recruitment business


Before embarking on your journey to start your own recruitment business, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of the financial aspects and determine the amount of money you will need to sustain your operations during the initial months. In this article, we look at real-life examples to help you gauge how much capital you will require to get your business off the ground.

Starting a recruitment business can be an alluring prospect – it can provide financial independence, autonomy, and the potential for great entrepreneurial success. However, comprehending the financial requirements is essential for effective planning and establishing a solid foundation for sustained growth and prosperity.

Once you have taken care of your startup expenses and are ready to embark on your own in the field of permanent or direct-hire recruitment, you will need to consider how much money you will need in the bank to get up and running.


Calculating your monthly operational costs

Before diving into the recruitment process, it is crucial to ascertain your monthly operating expenses. These costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Rent expenses for office space (consider the option of working from home initially, as it can significantly benefit your budget)
  • Utility bills such as gas and electric
  • Internet and telephone services
  • Website maintenance and servicing
  • Job board fees
  • Licenses for essential tools like Microsoft Office, LinkedIn, CRM systems, and cyber security software
  • Professional fees
  • Travel and entertainment expenses

Determining your monthly compensation

When deciding on your personal salary, it is important to be realistic and take into account the challenges of starting a new business. You may need to make certain sacrifices during the first few months, so keep this in mind when planning your compensation. Ensure that the money you intend to pay yourself is either sourced from your savings or allocated as initial capital for the business.


Estimating your earning potential

After evaluating your monthly expenses, your earning potential will largely depend on how quickly your clients make payments. To assess this, you need to understand the stages involved in the recruitment process and the time it takes to complete each stage.

Let's consider a standard permanent placement scenario and the associated time frame:



Obtaining your first placement can take up to four weeks, then it typically takes another four weeks to fill the role and proceed to offer stage.

You will also need to consider the notice periods in your market – this can be anywhere from no notice period up to 12 weeks. The final aspect to factor in is the average payment terms, as clients usually have four weeks to make payments. Note that these calculations become considerably easier if you can secure retained work.


Adding it all up

Now it's time to calculate the total amount of money you need in the bank before launching your recruitment business. Let's assume it will take you two weeks to secure your first vacancy, four weeks to fill it, four weeks for the candidate to start, and an additional four weeks to receive payment. This makes a total of 14 weeks, equivalent to three and a half months.

Bear in mind that these figures are based on an established recruiter with a solid client base who has reasonable terms with their clients. By adding your monthly operational costs and monthly compensation together, you can then multiply the sum by three and a half months (or a duration you believe is reasonably required to start earning). This calculation will give you an estimate of the total amount of money you need to have in the bank before launching your recruitment business.

Recommendations from Reed Franchise Partnerships

At Reed Franchise Partnerships, we recommend having a minimum of four months' worth of coverage for operational costs and compensation if you are in the USA, where notice periods tend to be shorter. If you are operating in a market where notice periods align more closely with the European standard of three months, we advise having six months' worth of coverage.


Reducing your monthly operational costs with Reed Franchise Partnerships

If you are concerned about managing your monthly operational costs while focusing on building your client and candidate base, and establishing yourself in the market, Reed Franchise Partnerships can assist you.

In addition to providing the tools you need to win business and accelerate your earnings, we offer significant savings on essential operational costs. These include:

  • A fully functioning website with no monthly hosting fees and the potential to reduce your job board expenditure.
  • Access to the complete Microsoft suite of products, eliminating the need for additional expenses. (The inclusion of Microsoft Teams can also help reduce telephone costs).
  • The ability to work from home, saving on rent.
  • Substantial discounts on LinkedIn licenses, with the option for deferred payment.
  • Provision of a CRM system that eliminates the need for expensive licensing.

If you are considering starting your own recruitment business and are searching for an affordable and attainable solution, feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about how Reed Franchise Partnerships can support you.

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